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Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a duplicate key but weren’t sure how to get one? Key cutting services can come to the rescue—but what exactly does this service provide, and when should you use it? Read on for more information about key cutting and when it might be helpful. 

What is Key Cutting? 

Key cutting is the process of making or duplicating existing keys. This process typically involves using a machine that copies the original key shape onto a new blank key. The machine can then use special tools to cut grooves into the metal of the blank key that are identical to those found in the original key. Once completed, the new key should open any locks that were opened by the original one. 

In addition to simply copying an existing key, some locksmiths may also create completely custom keys from scratch. This often requires specialized tools and skill, as well as knowledge of different lock mechanisms and types of keys. Custom-made keys are sometimes necessary if no duplicate exists or if none of your existing keys function correctly anymore. 

When Will You Need Key Cutting Services? 

The most common reason for needing a duplicate key is simply because you have accidentally locked yourself out of an area or room without having an extra spare key handy. In these cases, having your locksmith make a copy of your existing key can save time and hassle! Additionally, if you have multiple people who need access to certain areas such as family members or housemates, having duplicate keys made for them can help keep everyone secure without compromising security.     

Finally, if any of your current keys have been worn down over time or become damaged in some way, getting them duplicated can help ensure they continue working properly in the future. Some locksmiths may also offer services such as rekeying which allows them to change out all internal parts of your lock while keeping its exterior look intact—this can be useful if you’ve lost several keys recently and want to ensure they won’t work with any other locks in your home or business premises in the future. 

Key cutting services are invaluable when it comes to ensuring that everyone has access to areas they need while still maintaining maximum security levels within homes and businesses alike. Whether it’s creating copies of existing keys or crafting custom ones from scratch, professional locksmiths can provide quality solutions for many different scenarios – so don’t hesitate to contact us if you find yourself needing extra security!

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