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Moving is stressful and exciting all at once. Your focus may be on the boxes, the furniture, transportation, and all the other details that come with moving – but there’s something else you need to think about. Security! Whether you’re relocating a few blocks away or across the country, it’s important to understand how to stay secure before and after your move. 

Before You Move 

There are several steps you can take prior to your move to ensure that your security remains intact. First, start by changing up your locks. Why? Who knows who has a copy of your old key? Even if you think no one does, it doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious. Besides, it only takes a few minutes and a minimal financial investment upfront to purchase new locks for each entryway in your home. 

Next, set up utilities in both your current home and future address as soon as possible so that there are no gaps in service. Doing this will help prevent any power outages or rogue agents from accessing either location without permission. Finally, make sure that all of your valuables are protected during transport by using appropriate packing materials such as bubble wrap or foam cushioning material for fragile items like china dishes or glassware. And don’t forget – never leave any valuable items visible in an unattended moving truck!  

After You Move           

Once you arrive at the new location, it’s time to get settled in — which means more security matters need addressing! Start by changing the locks at the new place again just like you did with your last residence — better safe than sorry! Next, update all of your accounts with postal services such as Amazon Prime and other subscription boxes with your new address so they can reach you without any trouble. Then change up passwords for online accounts (such as banking sites) associated with both of these locations — even if nothing was stolen during transport it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful when dealing with sensitive information online! Finally invest in a good home security system that allows you access remotely via phone apps so that even when you aren’t home someone else can monitor any suspicious activity on-site on your behalf. 

Moving should be an exciting adventure but also comes with some unexpected challenges – including security concerns. But don’t worry – by following these tips before and after you move, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve taken every measure possible to protect yourself and loved ones while still enjoying the process of settling into a new home! If you have any questions or would like assistance with your move, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

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